Zandunga Tango Productons

Zandunga Tangoproductions is proud to present the program of 'TANGOMAGIA IV', the fourth international festival for Argentine tango in Amsterdam.

This year, we have continued and expanded our tradition and organized a very special festival with spectacular locations, wonderful dance floors, and amongst others: four famous Argentinean dance couples, and the celebrated orchestra Color Tango. D.j. at this festival is 'El Pájaro' Diego Riemer from Buenos Aires.

We look forward to welcome you again at our festival, 4 long days and nights between Christmas and New Year's Eve with a variety of workshops for all levels, festive nightly balls, tango shows, live music, a sorteo of 2 tickets to Buenos Aires, a daily tango café, an exhibition of paintings and of course: enjoy romantic Amsterdam and its well known tango tradition of almost 20 years!

Beurs van Berlage: over 1500 m2 parquet dance floor.