Zandunga Tango Productons

Gustavo Naveira and Giselle Anne
Giselle has demonstrated her abilities as a dancer and choreographer by performing in spectaculars such as 'Tango Argentino', 'Tango Pasión', Mariano Mores, and 'Los Solistas de D'Arienzo'. She has performed in America, Europe and Japan. The presence and solidity of her dance, perfectly equilibrated with the beauty of her movements always ensure that she remains at the ultimate level of dancing.Gustavo: dancer and internationally ranking choreographer, he is also the pioneer of a new technique of teaching tango, now famous worldwide. He is the president of the Asociación Cosmotango and is responsible for the C.I.T.A. 1999, 2000 and 2001 festivals in Buenos Aires. Touring all over the world, he imparts his knowledge with conceptual clarity and a rich technique. Being an exceptional analyst and investigator, his abilities have revolutionized the tango dance. The specialists appreciate his sapience of the tango history and style, as it materializes through the creativity of his improvisations. Together, they have successfully performed in many festivals such as Sitges (Barcelona), Neufchateau, Oslo, Paris, Amsterdam, Hannover, Karlsruhe, Porto, Madrid, London, Basel, Zurich, Bergen, Bardolino, Padova, Bologna, Buenos Aires, et cetera.

Milena Plebs and Ezequiel Farfaro
Milena Plebs: regisseuse, choreographer, tango dancer. She has been given the 'Maria Ruanova Award', the highest award for dance in Argentina. Member of the 'Tango Argentino Company' from 1986 to 1989. She created the 'Tango X 2 Company', and was also principal dancer in their spectacles 'Perfumes de Tango' and 'Una Noche de Tango'. She participated in several tango films and gave seminars in different countries during her tours. Ezequiel Farfaro: actor and tango dancer, he partnered Milena Plebs at the 'Fifth World Tango Summit' in Rosario, Argentina. In 2001 Milena & Ezequiel choreographed and danced 6 pieces for the Stavanger Symphonic Orchestra Tango Concerts in Norway. They participate in the film 'Assasination Tango' directed and acted by Robert Duvall and in the tango festival 'Fireworks 2001' in Los Angeles, USA.In their dance, tradition and a search for new forms are harmonically united, without loosing content and emphasizing the spontaneous relationship between man and woman, expressed through the music. The embrace is the excuse, the motor and the end of the dance. From the dialogue of their steps, their entire bodies take over and limits disappear between action and reaction, beginning and end, impulse and execution.

Carlos Copelo and Alicia Monti
This couple faithfully respects the roots of Argentine tango.
They are unique in combining the sensitive depth of their dance with technical perfection, passion and musicality.
They participated in the most outstanding shows, touring all over the world, like for example in Mariano Mores' 'El Tango', 'Tango 89', 'Tango Pasión', 'Forever Tango', 'Tango x 2' and 'Tango Argentino' by Claudio Segovia, but also as maestros in, amongst others, the Hamburg tango festival. Movies (amongst others): Tango Etereo by Lino Pugia, together with Ingrid Pelicori and Juan Carlos Copes; 'The Tango Lesson', directed by Sally Potter; 'Tango Obsession' with Adam Boucher; 'Asessination Tango', with Robert Duvall and Ruben Blades.They are now working as choreographic directors in 'Esquina Carlos Gardel', an outstanding location for
                                     tango shows in Buenos Aires.

Damián Esell and Nancy Louzán
Before the tango made this young couple fly to other horizons,
Nancy was an actress and Damián a painter and musician. Now for more then three years, they have been touring as teachers and dancers
through Germany, Italy, Switzerland, France, Denmark, Norway, Israel, Chechoslovakija and Austria. For them, tango is a
relationship of 4: the woman, the man, the music and the floor. Between the couple, a perfect communication is necessary for the dance to become a means of play and pleasure. In their classes,
they work with technical exercises to  make this communication
more and more clear and effective, and the steps and figures they teach are a means to discover fluid movements in the space. They alternate the close and the more open embrace, working with the way this effects the articulation of the bodies and the placement of the feet following the changes in distance.

Ulli Barth and Marijke de Vries
Ulli (La Yumba-Hamburg) is especially interested in communication, 'the things that happen between the bodies and souls of the dance couple'. His style is subtile and fluent tango de salón.Marijke (has been teaching tango in Amsterdam for several years): the milongas and dancers from Buenos Aires form her inspiration.
The techniques she teaches serve for better communication and sensitivity in the dance.

Well known as teacher and hostess of Nijmegen's El Corte,
as well as from teaching abroad, she is highly appreciated by the international tango scene. This year we have once again invited
her to give a very special practica for women.

Color Tango
The Color Tango Orchestra was born in 1989, when Roberto Alvarez and Amilcar Tolosa (bandoneón and double bass of Osvaldo Pugliese's orchestra), decided to establish a new orchestra and call arrangers and composers coming from very well known orchestras such as the same Osvaldo Pugliese, Anibal Troilo and Mariano Mores. The debut took place in Holland (a tour of 26 concerts) where they also recorded their first compact disc .From here to today its artist activities are always increasing, with 6 CD's and performances on national radio and t.v. in Argentina, and worldwide tours including several gala performances and international tango festivals.